We contacted Pragati to help with our 8 months daughter Maddie when she used to have no consistent naps, naps only lasting 40-45 mins and with multiple night wake ups for feed and dummy. So, feeding was also multiple times a night. I was at my wits when we contacted Pragati and it worked! I am so happy and relieved now!

Samantha McCall

Samantha McCall

Thank god we met Pragati !! My 5.5 old son is again sleeping through the night from 7 pm till 6 am in the morning . LO was sleeping through the night since week 6 but after 4 month sleep regression he started waking up every hour. I had to feed and rock him to sleep .Last 1 month my partner and I did not have sleep at all.

This is when I contacted Pragati. I followed her advice. She made clear that we will take a gentle approach and it did work for us. My son started sleeping through the night from day 2. I couldn’t believe it worked so fast. Now I put my son in his crib and he is fast asleep with 2-3 minutes.

I highly recommend her. If you are hiring Pragati then please follow what she says and also you need a supportive partner for this to work. Keep doing good work Pragati.

Sucheta Carvalho

Sucheta Carvalho

I cannot recommend and thank Pragati from Jollybabies highly enough. Ethan is 11 months and 3 weeks and went from waking 7-10 times a night and now sleeping through most nights. Also improving on his daytime naps. Pragati provided all the support, and gentle self settling methods to sleep better. Thank you again Pragati you have been amazing!!

Jetal Gandhi

Jetal Gandhi

11 months Ethan

hanks to Pragati for giving me my night sleep back. I was exhausted after being unable to sleep through the night even once since my daughter, 8 months old, was born. I am so glad that I contacted JollyBabiesSleepConsultant and Pragati guided and supported me through this journey of sleep training my daughter. She started sleeping through the night(11 Hours) with in 2-3 nights of starting the program, before this, she used to wake up for feed every 2 Hours!

Rested mumma  Smriti Kakkar

Rested mumma Smriti Kakkar

8 months Amayra

Alicia used to get up multiple time for feed and wouldn’t settle without a feed or any help from parents. Mother was at wits when she contacted JollyBabies. Naps also never lasted more than 40 mins.

Now Alicia sleeps 11 ours straight at night and one 2 hours nap in daytime! And this what our happy Clients says

Q. )Did you feel welcomed and supported within the first few minutes of meeting, either in person or on the phone?
A. )Yes, she has given the support all through the program for 2 weeks and got my husband on board as well during in home visit.
Q. ) Did your Consultant sufficiently explain to you the reasons why your child was not sleeping well?
A. ) Yes, whenever she was up we offered all the support without giving any time and feed was another issue
Q.) Did she lay out the Sleep Plan in a clear manner that was easy to follow and understand?
A.) Yes, she got the printouts of plan while visiting our home and then we have gone through each and every step together and she offered all the support and booked for next morning follow up call.


Thank you so much

Prior to hiring Pragati, I struggled for 9 months to help my daughter sleep through the night, I was at my wits end. When I booked an appointment we were at the point of her waking every 30 minutes over night and needless to say I was getting no sleep.

Meeting Pragati I felt so comfortable, she made it clear that she was here for me through the whole process. We made a plan that I was comfortable putting into practice and we kept in touch through every step.

In no time we achieved helping my daughter to sleep for long periods on her own and she continues now to sleep 12 hour nights. I could not be any more pleased and I got more than my money’s worth.

Chantelle Hindson

Chantelle Hindson

After having months of crazy sleepless nights and lack of routine with my older kid, we had been preparing ourselves to sleep train our younger son. He started out as a good sleeper but around 7 months had several middle of the night wakings to feed entirely to soothe himself. What I initially attributed to teething did not seem to wane even over 2 months. That is when we got in touch with Pragati to guide us through the process of sleep training. My experience with her has been super awesome with her being available through the entire process. She was thorough in understanding what was ailing my little one causing the multiple night wakings and thus drew up an appropriate plan very meticulously to set a routine to his entire day as her belief is a good day is what helps a good night’s sleep. We had several conversations over the days drawing up to the start of Day 1 of implementing the sleep training routine. Her approach is very gentle and certainly very comforting to the parents who are always weary of CIO methods. As I write this, my 10 month old is sleep trained and it took us 2-3 nights to get to the point of him sleeping a good 10-10.5 hour stretch at night.

Thank you so much once again Pragati and so so thankful for your support


Mum of 10 months old Agastya
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