A lot of parents approach with one question how to avoid the early rising wake up time for their children and how to resettle and reassure him to sleep back until 7AM. Why this is happening when child is sleeping well at 7PM but gets up in morning at 5AM every day.

I believe that all babies and toddlers are capable of sleeping in to 7 am, and there is no such thing as an ‘early riser’. In most of the cases I will look at Is this too hot or cold?

From my personal experience with my children I feel sometimes they tend to get up between 4-6 as it gets too cold during that time in cold weather, coldness is the main cause of the early rising. The drop in outside temperature causes the nursery to be colder in the early hours and babies and toddlers are too cold to sleep until 7 am. And on the other side of the world I am seeing the same problem this is because it is getting warmer at bedtime and parents are often putting their little ones to bed in too little clothing and bedding to sleep well.

And in summers, it might be sunshine as like an Adult as well we all tend to get up early in morning during summer days but being Adult I will look at my clock and got back to sleep but unfortunately, you baby hasn’t got that skill.

How do you tell if your baby or toddler is too hot or too cold?

Signs that he is too hot include:

  •  He will wake and moan
  •  Have a sweaty back and sweaty
  •  Wet clothes

Sometime I have seen parents using some protectors which gives warmness to baby or some wool underlay which may make baby too warm depending upon how you have put baby to sleep, how thick is the sleeping bag.

Signs that he is too cold include:

  •  He will be moving all around the cot
  •  Never lying still
  •  Often rolling onto his tummy or taking turns (which is a SIDS risk)
  • And a toddler will sleep with his hands under his tummy, his bottom in the air often jammed up against the cot sides looking for a warm spot.


  •  Try heating the nursery to 20°C with central heating or an oil heater.
  • Always place a baby in the safe sleeping position on their back to sleep in sleeping bag and layer up with extra two bamboo blankets depending upon what you feel is required for the temperature you live in. Normally I keep it at ,children might need extra one layer than adults.
  •  Toddlers over 18 months appear to be better at controlling their own body temperature while they sleep so might need less bedding.
Of course there are other reasons for an early riser and these include the following.

The bedtime ritual

Move the bottle/feed before the bathtime so that there is no chance of falling asleep during bedtime routine.

The time of the daytime sleep

Fix up Consistent Naptimes. It works so much easier when you know its naptime for your baby. Though I don’t recommend making sleeping baby awake but once routine is established you can expect it to be same time everyday. It might be that your baby or toddler is having her daytime sleep too early in the day. The time a baby or toddler has his first sleep of the day will affect the time he wakes up the following day. E.g. If your baby is currently going to bed at 10 am for the first sleep of the day, try a 10:20 am bedtime. If your baby is going down at 10:20 am already, try a 10 am morning sleep.

Too much daytime sleep

It might be that he under tired to go to bed from the daytime sleep.


Some babies and toddlers rise early because all of their calories needs are not being met. In some cases, introducing some proteins into the baby or toddler’s diet stops the early rising, so it’s worth looking into your baby’s diet if he is rising early.

Changing the 7 pm bedtime

If none of the above works, then what? I suggest trying to move your baby or toddler’s bedtime. I have in the past moved the bedtime to 6.30 pm – and bang on- Yes, it worked like a treat! – The baby or toddler sleeps until after 7 am. So if all else fails, try moving your baby’s bedtime to early.

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