Sleep Consultant or Sleep School?

I see a lot of controversy between these two preferences that either Parents should approach Sleep Consultant or Sleep school? And I often I hear about this question that how does sleep training is different with a Sleep Consultant and at a Sleep School. As a sleep Consultant, I see more positives in the way baby sleep consultants support parents in helping their baby develop healthy sleep patterns or setting up right foundation right from birth. Whilst many of us practice gentle sleep training, it’s important to keep in mind that our approach may differ slightly.

Most of the time, baby sleep consultants visit your home or can provide you Video Consultation step by step, which works well if you want to learn how to settle your baby in your own environment at your own convenience in your own home. I believe it is also beneficial for me to see how the baby’s room is set up. Often there are elements in their room that are causing the sleep issues which you are not aware of and that can be easily addressed. If you attend sleep school, they are relying on information given by often very tired parents who are at their wits end. Your child might behave very well for 3 tough nights at Sleep school and you might be overwhelmed with this set up and also fears at the same time for getting back at home. Those 3 nights at sleep school might have been stressful for you looking at your baby in an unknown set up and mostly you will be asked to watch you kid on CCTV and leaving him alone on his own which he should accept.

As Sleep Consultant, we provide one on one and provide the support for 2-3 weeks and step by step consultation for each day and provides you support for your everyday problems and questions you might have on next morning or night. We don’t leave you on your own with hundreds of your questions and problems you might be facing and we address those for 2-3 weeks with 24 hours turnaround time. We address following one by one and tailor these needs as per family’s lifestyle though you need to follow the things as agreed.

  • Bedtime
  • Night waking
  • Naptimes
  • Awake times
  • Advice on feeding and food

I strongly feel baby sleep consultant provides the tailored approach to the family’s specific situation. There is no point advising about an approach which may not fit a family’s situation. This will only leave parents defeated. I know about few sleep schools where they do not offer sleep training to kids beyond 12 months. I see my role as empowering parents so that they feel confident in dealing with any sleep issues that may arise down the track which can be anything e.g. Milestones, teething, regression and sickness. As your child grows, their sleep patterns will likely change due to reaching certain milestones. By having the knowledge and tools for all age groups, you will be better prepared to deal with any possible sleep regression that may occur.

As a Sleep Consultant, we provide tailored approach to parents having kids 0 month-3 years. I believe having the right knowledge from start of birth you will never need to sleep train your baby, all you have to do is setting up foundation rules for your newborn. For this we offer Maternity package to educate both parent about the need of sleep for you and your entire family or you can go for Newborn package and we go through helping you setting up nursery or giving you advice on baby’s sleeping environment.

At the same time I feel Success comes with commitment and consistency, but if you choose the path that suits you and your baby, there will be a much greater chance of success, and that’s what I deliver to my Clients.

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