Is Your child a early riser, We can help your child to sleep for longer with no early morning wakeup.


A lot of parents who use soothers feel a twinge of guilt the first time they stick a pecifier.


Is your child waking multiple time a night? If you have a overtired/undertiredchild waking.


Are you not sure what’s wrong with bedtime? We can help you analysing your bedtime.


Is your child having catnaps? If your child is having catnaps or not able to associate.

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Tips for Dealing with Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time is coming up this weekend. Most parents don’t mind it so much in the fall when they gain an extra hour, but it sends fear through people’s bones when they hear they are going to have to lose an hour of sleep! Every year I get a TON of questions asking for the best way to handle daylight savings time and children’s sleep. So here it is:

Travel Tips

It’s taken you a few weeks to get your baby into a good schedule and sleeping well. Now that you’ve put in the time, effort, and energy to make this big change in your family’s life, that trip you have planned for next month is starting to stress you out! If you’re like most parents, your biggest fear is that a trip is going to derail all the progress you and your baby have made and cause you to start this process all over again. Sometimes the mere thought of it frightens parents so much that they cancel all trips and just vow to stay home until the child leaves for college. That is how important your baby’s new sleeping regime has become to everyone.